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The amount of images and monuments dedicated to Servetus is not very large. Other historical characters less popular and, probably, with less merits than Servetus have a much more extensive list. The scarcity of icons on Servetus can be understood by his peculiar doctrine and personality. Indeed, Servetus was a heterodox, condemned both by Catholics and Protestants, who did not get strong support among the acolytes of both Curches. The only people interested on him, perpetuating his effigy and epigons, were the not very numerous Unitarian movement and the rara avis of impartial and free thinkers that flourished in the XIX century.

Any inititative to exalt or pepetuate the Servetus memory found inmediatelly the opposition of his adversaries. A clear example of this is the story behind the Geneva monument (1903). Another example is in the international conmemoration of the fourth hundtredth death anniversary in 1953, in which there was no work published on Servetus from his native country, Spain.

This is situation is changing in current times and there are more people able to value the importance of Servetus and his contribution to our history as humanist, example of integrity and standard bearer of freedom of conscience, above the personal religious convictions one may have.



Places named after Servetus


Michael Servetus native town


Michael Servetus life itinerary

1. Villanueva (1511 - ?)
2. Zaragoza (? - 1527)
3. Toolouse (1528 - 1529)
4. Estrasburgo (1531 - 1532)
5. Paris (1532, 1536 - 1538)
6. Lyon (1532 - 1536)
7. Charlieu (1538 - 1541)
8. Viena (1541 - 1553)
9. Ginebra (1553)