Books about Michael Servetus 2003-1951

We intend to compile the complete bibliography of Servetus in any time period and language. In the future we plan to have for every publication a complete description with a review, a short biography of the author, the editions and translations to other languages. Visitors, collaborators and members of the Servetus International society are welcome to participate in this effort. You may contact us and send your comments.

Books about Michael Servetus 1950-1724

1948 Drummond, William Hamilton, 1778-1865, The life of Michael Servetus, the Spanish physician, who, for the alleged crime of heresy, was entrapped, imprisoned, and burned, by John Calvin the reformer, in the city of Geneva, October 27, 1553 (London: J. Chapman, 1848, 198 p. ; 18 cm.)

Books about Michael Servetus: Recent

2006/02/24 - Cura Religionis or Two Kingdoms: The Late Luther on Religion and the State in the Lectures on Genesis1

2004/07/21 - On respiration and so-called animal heat. Historical out line by Alfredo de Micheli. PDF format

2004/04/19 - From the Polish Socinians to the American Constitution

Appointments and famous phrases of Michael Servetus [Spanish]

¿Quién puede llamar ortodoxo a un ministro de la Iglesia (Calvino) que es acusador, criminal y homicida? (Serveto).

Es un principio general que todas las cosas han salido de la raíz divina, son parte y porción de Dios, y la naturaleza de las cosas es el espíritu de Dios. (Serveto).

La fe, si se considera en su propiedad esencial y pura, no contiene tal perfección como el amor...El amor es superior a todo...durable, sublime, más parecido a Dios...(Serveto)

Appointments of others authors about Michael Servetus [Spanish]

Una de las llaves para la comprensión de la Restitutio se sitúa en la identificación de Servet con el Arcángel Miguel. (Elaine Sartorelli).

Servet clamaba que la naturaleza humana no puede ser depravada, condenada, totalmente corrupta e indefensa. (Marian Hillar).

El Dios de Servet y el hombre Servet y el hombre en Servet son: dinamismo, libertad, caridad, tolerancia, creatividad individual. (Angel Alcalá).

Pasajes de la Historia: Miguel Servet [Spanish]

El fantástico programa radiofónico "La Rosa de los Vientos", en las madrugadas de Onda Cero, dedica su sección Pasajes de la Historia a narrar la vida y obra de Miguel Servet. El Director del programa, Juan Antonio Cebrián es el narrador de este relato. Escúchalo a continuación.

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Libraries Specialized on Michael Servetus

There are some libraries in the world with significant collections of books written on and by Servetus. Most of them were originated as a donation from singular personalities that, somehow, were passionate and admirers of the Servetus personality and legacy. This section aims to compile these places in order to support the search for any reference on Servetus. There are links to the web sites and from there you may start to search for availability. If you know of other libraries that should be listed here you may contact us and send your comments.

References on the web about Michael Servetus

The web is plenty of good contents on Servetus, which makes it a valuable resource for somebody who wants to know about Servetus life and works and, specially, his significance in the current world. We intend to compile links that contain relevant information on Servetus. If you know of other links that should be listed here you may contact us and send your comments.

Other stuff related to Servetus

TV series about the Life of Servetus produced by Televisión Española, 1986 (7 chapters of one hour).

DVD documentary about Servetus life produced by Kultur Media and sponsored by the Instituto de Estudios Sijenenses Miguel Servet, Villanueva de Sijena, Spain, 2002 (copies available: IESMS, Calle Mayor, Villanueva de Sijena, Spain).

Museum dedicated to Servetus in his born house at Villanueva de Sijena, 2002 (Inauguration of the Servetus Museum in Villanueva de Sijena by the Prince of Asturias, Spain).