Article I – Name

The name shall be the Servetus International Society.

Article II – Aims

The Mission of the Servetus International Society is to foster the spirit of Humanism, tolerance of ideas and respect for the rights of the individual by promoting and preserving the Servetus Heritage as standard-bearer in the struggle for freedom of conscience.

Article III – Activities

The Society shall pursue its aims through the following activities:

1. Annual Assembly

  • The SIS shall hold an annual assembly for which all current members are eligible attendees 
  • This meeting to be held in late October, around the anniversary of 27th October execution 
  • The purpose of this assembly shall be to: present topics related to the aims of the SIS; further exchanges of information and ideas on Servetian matters; complete the annual administrative business of the SIS  
  • The agenda for the assembly shall be promulgated through the site. Contributions and contributors shall be drawn both from members of the SIS and other sources 
  • Administrative business of the SIS is described in Officers (below)

2. Online Journal

  • The SIS shall maintain an online ‘Journal’, updated at regular intervals (at least semi-annually), posting the work of members of the Society 

3. Annual Proceedings  

  • The SIS shall publish an annual journal to subscribers, containing the proceedings of the Annual Assembly, plus selected extracts from the Online Journal and other updates on SIS activities 

4. Discussion Groups (online) 

  • The main knowledge transfer and exchange of vies will be carried out through the creation of subject-specific, web-based, discussion groups. Groups will be supervised/led by an officer of the SIS. All subscribing members will be eligible to contribute, supporting the rules set out in the Members Code of Conduct section, below

5. Local Forums 

  • Regional meetings of the SIS may be held under the aegis of an executive office or, in the case of national societies, local officers · A ‘Local forum’ is expected to follow similar guidelines to the Annual Assembly, described above 

6. Representation & Recruitment  

  • Officers of the SIS shall seek to promote the aims through representing the Society at relevant events and recruitment of suitable membership candidates

Article IV -- Membership

The Society acknowledges three levels of membership:

Fellows Members. In accordance with the Bylaws of the Servetus International Society, "Those individuals proposed should have done important work on Servetus and/or history of medicine, religion or other Servetus' related topics." They also must have attended an annual meeting prior to nomination.

Associate Members. These members make up the users of the SIS, participating in the Assembly, forums, and discussion groups. Those who have presented one or more papers (click for guidelines) are eligible for election to the Fellowship. . We also stress that those individuals proposed should understand the purposes of the Society and plan to be active in its affairs. The Associate Members are responsible for electing the Officers at the Annual General Meeting. Associate membership is suitable for any person in sympathy with the mission and objectives of this Society. Associate members may become candidates for advancement to full membership by demonstrating scholarly activity through publications and/or presentations.

Associates and Fellows are required to subscribe to the society. (see subscription fee, below)

Ordinary Members. Those wishing to follow the proceedings of the SIS discussion groups can register online. E-mail updates on activities and events can be sent automatically. I Ordinary Members are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting although they are not eligible to participate on the Officers election.

Article V -- Officers

The Executive Board. The Executive Board of Servetus International Society shall be a Chairman, a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary-Treasurer, and four Directors whose duties shall be such as are implied by their respective titles, and who collectively shall constitute the Executive. The Board shall be elected by majority vote at the annual meeting of the Society. There shall be an Honorary President elected at the annual meeting from the honorary membership of the Society.

The Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is constituted by Associate Members, nominated and approved every year by the Executive Board at the Annual Meeting, who are committed to give their support to the Executive Board on specific technical matters.

The Honorary Board. The Society shall identify suitable patrons, who will be distinguished by their exceptional merits or works made in favor of the goals of the Servetus International society. This extraordinary status may be conferred by the Fellows at the Annual Meeting.

Article VI -- Meetings

Local Forums shall be held throughout the year at the discretion of the Executive. The meetings agenda should be posted on the News and Events section in the page.

Annual Assembly. This shall be held in the middle of the year in conjunction with the last ordinary meeting of the Society. An agenda will be circulated in advance and should contain reports for the year from the Secretary and the Treasurer together with the Annual Accounts. Election of Officers and Members of the Council will take place at the Annual General Meeting.

Article VII -- Quorum

One-third of the active membership of the Society shall constitute a quorum

Article VIII -- Amendments and By-Laws

This Constitution may be amended at any meeting by a two-third vote of all the active members present, the proposed amendments having been submitted in writing, and read to the Society at a meeting held at least one month previously. By-laws may be adopted, amended, or repealed at any meeting by a two-third vote.

By-Laws of the Servetus International Society

1. Dues and Fees

The subscription fee is due annually from Fellows and Associate Members shall be twenty five euros. Members may send a check or money order to Servetus International Society or pay by the Society Paypal Account. Members shall forfeit all rights and their names taken from the roll upon failing to pay dues.

2. Committees

Membership committee. There shall be a membership committee appointed by the Executive. The Membership Committee shall consider the qualification of applicants for membership and report their recommendations to the Society. Other committees may be appointed by the Executive as occasions arise.

3. Election of Officers

Nominations for the election of Officers of the Society are to be as follows: the candidate's name is to be endorsed in writing by five Active Members and to be in the hands of the Executive one week prior to the last regular meeting of the school year. If at least two candidates are not nominated in this manner, a nominating committee appointed by the Executive shall nominate one other candidate.

4. Members Code of Conduct

Members will at all time respect the Servetian heritage. In particular, they will

  • Respect the rights of other members to hold contrary opinions.
  • Found all arguments upon a basis of knowledge.
  • Refrain from the use or abuse of power or influence in order to achieve desired ends. 
  • Avoid burning people, unless they are already dead AND required by custom, religious ritual or local practice.