Mission y objetives the Servetus International Society

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Servetus International Society is to foster the spirit of Humanism, tolerance of ideas and respect for the rights of the individual by promoting and preserving the Servetus Heritage as intellectual giant, model of integrity and standard-bearer in the struggle for freedom of conscience.

Project Objectives

The Servetus International Society is a non profit and a non religious organization that aims to promote the Servetus Heritage by a set of action lines described as follows:

1. Create a meeting point that congregates students, scholars and other people who share a common interest on the Servetus Heritage that serves as a platform for discussion and launch of initiatives according to the Mission of Servetus International Society (i.e., Servetus.com).

2. Support research and scholarship in various fields of historical, scientific and artistic interest and provide programs and publications for the benefit of students, scholars, and others committed to promoting and preserving the Servetus Heritage.

3. Make Servetus work accessible to everybody interested on a deeper understanding and knowledge of his views and contribution to the different disciplines.

4. Promote the Servetus Heritage to the general public by fostering the presentation of lectures, publication of books and articles and creation of educational materials (documentaries, movies).

5. Foster cooperation with other cultural and educational organizations as well as support and coordination of initiatives in furtherance of the Servetus International Society goals.