Our history

The Servetus International Society was established in March 2003 by the initiative of Juan E. Naya, who was born at the same town as Michael Servetus and, who profess since his childhood a deep fascination for Servetus and what he represents:

“… Servetus is one of the best examples of Humanism with valuable contributions to a great variety of disciplines. Furthermore, his advocacy for tolerance of ideas and his life example make him a symbol for the defense of freedom of conscience and integrity.

It is time that people above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities who share an interest on Servetus do have a meeting place to exchange ideas and launch initiatives addressed to promote the Servetus name and his Heritage as intellectual giant, defender of tolerance of ideas and model of integrity”

The daily operations, policies and finances of the Servetus International Society are governed by a Board of Trustees. This board is currently being designed based on the principles of representation of diverse groups of interests and past merits related to Servetus figure. In the future, this board will be appointed by, and under the auspices and authority of, the General Assembly that will be held every year, to which the faculty and staff will be fully accountable.