We welcome as members all who are interested in the Servetus Heritage. Members receive a newsletter, the Journal, and invitations to our lectures and meetings. Members become partners in supporting lectures, research, and our rapidly increasing presence on the Web, and are entitled to vote at the annual meeting.

The Society acknowledges three levels of membership:

Fellows Members. In accordance with the Bylaws of the Servetus International Society, "Those individuals proposed should have done important work on Servetus and/or history of medicine, religion or other Servetus' related topics." They also must have attended an annual meeting prior to nomination.

Associate Members. These members make up the users of the SIS, participating in the Assembly, forums, and discussion groups. Those who have presented one or more papers (click for guidelines) are eligible for election to the Fellowship. We also stress that those individuals proposed should understand the purposes of the Society and plan to be active in its affairs. The Associate Members are responsible for electing the Officers at the Annual General Meeting. Associate membership is suitable for any person in sympathy with the mission and objectives of this Society. Associate members may become candidates for advancement to full membership by demonstrating scholarly activity through publications and/or presentations.

Associates and Fellows are required to subscribe to the society. (see subscription fee, below)

Ordinary Members. Those wishing to follow the proceedings of the SIS discussion groups can register online. E-mail updates on activities and events can be sent automatically. Ordinary Members are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting although they are not eligible to participate on the Officers election.

Note: Dues and Fees

The subscription fee is due annually from Fellows and Associate Members shall be twenty five euros. Members may send a check or money order to Servetus International Society or pay by the Society Paypal Account. Members shall forfeit all rights and their names taken from the roll upon failing to pay dues.

Membership dues go to support programs and publications of the society.

For more information about membership contact us

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