Ensayos acerca de Miguel Servet

2006/02/24 - Cura Religionis or Two Kingdoms: The Late Luther on Religion and the State in the Lectures on Genesis1

2004/07/21 - On respiration and so-called animal heat. Historical out line by Alfredo de Micheli. PDF format

2004/04/19 - From the Polish Socinians to the American Constitution

2003/10/29 - Influence of Servetian exegesis in writings of Polish Christian Unitarian authors by Adam Nangast, magister graduance work written in 1997 (Submitted to SIS)

2003/09/01 - Was there a Reformation in the sixteenth century? by Hans J. Hillerbrand, Church History

2003/08/29 - Moderation, not Extremism: Monotheistic Perspective by Syed Ashani, 3rd Regional Conference

2003/08/20 - The Legacy of Servetus: Humanism and the Beginning of Change of the Social Paradigm. On the Occasion of the 450th Anniversary of His Martyrdom by Marian Hillar, A Journal from The Radical Reformation

2002/12/14 - Passions genevoises en 1760 by Elisabeth Badinter, Le Temps

2002/07/01 - Heresies and real presences by Marilynne Robinson , Salmagundi

2001/01/01 - The importance of "having" the truth: A critique of Reinhold Niebuhr's fallibilist theory of religious toleration by Kelly Alvin Madden, Theology Today

2000/06/01 - Judging The French Reformation: Heresy Trials By Sixteenth-Century Parlements by Thomas Worcester , Theological Studies

1998/12/01 - Thomas Jefferson, religious freedom, and the Supreme Court by Edwin S Gaustad , Church History

1998/03/01 - Early Transylvanian Antitrinitarianism, 1566-1571: From Servet to Palaeologus by John C Godbey, Church History

1997/08/03 - Dying To Make A Point by Theodore K. Rabb, The Washington Post

1997/02/18 - A meeting of religion and science by Th. Sumartana, Jakarta Post

1996/01/01 - Breaking the last taboo. (open agnosticism) by James A. Haught , Free Inquiry

1995/06/01 - Monuments, martyrdom, and the politics of religion in the French third republic by Neil McWilliam, The Art Bulletin

1992/07/01 - Commentary - Tolerance and lumpen oafs by Edward Pearce, The Guardian