Summary of the Commemoration of the Tudela and Pamplona 450 Servetus Death Anniversary (Navarra)


By Francisco Javier González Echeverría.

We have successfully celebrated the Servetus death 450anniversary in Tudela, October 24th-25th, and in Pamplona, November 7th -8th. This event was organized by the “Miguel Servet” Foundation of the Navarre Government, the Navarre College of Physicians and the Tudela Centre of Studies. The programs performed in Tudela (Marques de San Adrian Mansion) and Pamplona (Official College of Physicians) were identical and based on four conferences:

D. Antonio Paniagua performed the first conference on Friday: “Servetus as doctor in Medicine”. Dr. Paniagua is Emeritus in History of Medicine at Pamplona University, and he has published several essays about Servetus. His speech was about Servetus’ medical works (i.e., Syruporum, Apologia vs Leoanrd Fuchs), his medicine skills and doctor "Villeneufve" reputation in France.

Manuel de Fuentes performed the second conference on Saturday morning. Dr. Fuentes is a cardiologist who has published some works about Servetus and he is one of the main articulist of the Spanish Society of Cardiology. He spoke about the life of Servetus and his historical context. Among other issues, he made references to the inquisition in Spain and other countries, Servetus University studies, and about his discovery of pulmonary blood circulation.

Francisco Gonzalez Echeverría performed the third conference. Dr. Echeverria has published two books about Servetus, and an issue about “Servetus and Navarre and people from Navarra”. He presented nine new protocols about his aunt Beatriz, four protocols about his brother John , the priest who was in Germany seeking Servetus, and other documents related to Servetus that made reference to Tudela or Navarre…

Alfredo López, Professor and Ph.D. in Theolog, presented the fourth conference. The conference was about Servetus theological ideas and actuality, with a discussion on his parallelism with Millenarism and Sabelism, not Aryanism, and his great mastery in Hebrew.

Another official event was the ceremony at Serralta street, #2, Tudela, where tradition says it is the Servetus natal house (Beterri group). A stone plate was placed on the main façade on Saturday 25th October at 18:00 hours. Following this ceremony, at 19:00 hours, there was an audition conducted by Mariano Hernández at San Adrian Mansion. It was performed Spanish and European renaissance music, with a selection of plays that Servetus may have listened during his lifetime. Later, at 21:00 hours, there was a theatre play on Servetus at San Adrian Mansion. It was a representation of the last hours of Servetus life performed by the Tertulia group, with artistic direction by Javier Munarriz and script by Francisco González.

In addition, there was an exhibition on Servetus for 15 days in Tudela and, later, another 15 days in Pamplona. It consisted of 14 display boards with abstracts and pictures related to Servetus life and historical context covering Politics, Theological wars, Economy, Religion in XVI century, etc. Next to the boards, there were exhibited several original works by Servetus, printed in the XVI century and other objects related to Servetus. A portrait of Miguel Serveto by Mr. del Real painted 50 years ago, books about Servetus edited by Dr. Marañon and others for the 400 anniversary in Tudela, Servetus contemporary Bibles, Medicine works and so on. A video about Servetus life was presented to the public in Pamplona and Tudela, which was continuously projected during the exhibition.

To make the children aware and participants of the event, it was celebrated a Servetus essay context among pupils at Tudela primary school with good prizes for the winners and participants.